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All About Braxtons

Braxton’s was founded in 1986 by Les & Sandra Roberts, originally named 1900 Review - A Total Antique & Clock Store. Les & Sandra Roberts relocated to Phoenix Arizona in 1989 to take a job with the Home Mission Board where they became the Director of Appache County Missions. I, Braxton, their son, took over operations at that time while finishing school at Kennesaw State University where I received a bachelor’s degree in business. When I first took over operations my primary focus at that time was clocks; sales, service and repairs. I had apprenticed under Bob Ingles during the late 80’s, where I learned his art and love for the clock industry. In 1991 I graduated from the Nashville School of Auctioneering, changed the business name to Braxton’s Clock World & Antique Mall and relocated the business to 303 Main Street, Loganville GA, where we still are today. We have a permanent auction hall which allows us to conduct auctions full time.  In 2007 we closed the antique mall side of the business so we could focus all of our attention on auctions, estate liquidations and real estate. However, clocks were still a very big part of our daily operations. We had over 500 clocks in stock, offering Howard Miller, Sligh, River Cuckoo, TimeWorks, Rhythm and a large selection of antique clocks. In 1998 and 2001 we were named the largest independent clock dealer in the state of Georgia. We had full service clock repair shop fixing any and all clock issues. Sadly, the clock years are now behind us and we have closed the clock shop and do very limited repairs to help our loyal customers out when we can. We still are an authorized Howard Miller sales center and can custom order you any clock or item you want and can beat anyones price, including the internets. In February 2023 Braxton's Antique Mall was reopened and the spark is back in our home town of Loganville.

Our Capabilities & Marketing

Here at Braxton’s, we truly believe that we are on the cutting edge in auction technology. Braxton has the knowledge and experience along with the technological vision to ensure that every possible option is explored and utilized for each auction. His goal is to make every auction a HUGE success! We use state of the art computerized auction clerking software and custom inventory management software. We have a full time staff of professionals and run HiBid for our auction sales.

Items are listed on our secure website with pictures and description for
pre-auction bidding. We 
use hibid for all our online auctions and listings. Auction merchandise is cataloged with custom software and high-quality digital cameras. Our professional staff and extensive selling and marketing capabilities provide us with the means to do the best job possible for you, the prospective seller. Contact us today and we will be happy to appraise your property or merchandise, negotiate terms, and prepare for your auction. Whether it's at our building, on location, or online only; we handle auctions everywhere in the state of Georgia, as well as neighboring states. We transport the merchandise to our location in Loganville, Georgia. We have handled estates in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Mississippi. Braxton III and Brax IV are active members of the National Auctioneers Association and the Georgia Auctioneers Association. We maintain a can-do policy and work on the schedule of the seller. We can handle every aspect of the advertising, moving, setup, selling, and settlement. Estates, businesses, restaurants, real estate, farms, antiques, jewelry, coins, fine art and collectibles - we sell everything!

We have a permanent location on the corner of a very busy intersection that thousands of vehicles pass by every day. We have regular buyers that find our listings in newspapers, mailings and internet sites, such as We have a data base of over 7,000 registered in house buyers. Our primary way to hear about our auctions is our through our email list, facebook, instagram, auctionzip, and here of course!

What we Believe

One God


The foundation of our life and business is God.  This is having a personal realtionship with the creator of the World Jesus Christ.  We believe that God desires to have a realtionship with each person, and that each person should desire to have a relationship with Him.  We believe that each person must invite Jesus into their heart to have this relationship. 



Next to our relationship with God,  The family is the best gift God has ever given you.  My wife is always first, and children are always second. Children are a welcome member to our family. 
We train them to become Godly, well-respected young adults.  Where a friends word is respected and honored.    


Josh 24:15 Says "As for me and my household we will serve the Lord"  Just change household to business and write it on the doors.  We do our best to represent Christ in all our dealing. Loving each person, respecting each person regardless of race or sex.  Letting the light of God shine through in our life & auctions.  I believe that a handshake and verbal words are equal to a contract.  

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